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"Happy Holidays "  Christmas Card

34 seconds Animation, Christmas Card with a link to Charity.


Role:  Director and ANIMATOR

"KoKo Art Advert "

Koko Art is a brand specialised in hand painted shoes. The company was founded in 2010 in Camden Town.


Role:  Director and ANIMATOR

"Reset Communities and Refugees"

three minutes animation released in October 2019

ROLE:  Director and Animator

Charity Reset:

Reset Community sponsorship provides the opportunity for communities to play an active role in helping refugees build a home and a stable life in the UK.

"Faking is Making"

3 minute animation released in May 2018


PJ is ashamed of being unemployed so decides to fake an amazing working life on social media to evade his mother to know. Will his mother ever know that he is unemployed?




1 minute animation

What do you need to know about Brain Tumours? CATS is all about raising awareness of the common signs and symptoms of cancer in young people


role assumed: Art DIRECTOR


1 minute animation


Two sailors are having a bad fishing day, getting worse by the sight of a giant Squid that is going to attack their boat, they will change this misfortunate day in a successful fishing day.


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