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About the artist


Benedetta Fittipaldi Is an Abstract Expressionist Painter and 2D Animator Director from London, UK.

Moved by her fascination for Action Painting, Color compositions and symbolism.


Since she  graduated  in animation in Farnham,UK in 2018, her production has oscillated between 2D animations and Paintings.


Her  Love for the Animation medium led her to produce  work inspired by the famous series The Simpsons, and the Rotoscope technique used in the animated movies by Richard Linklater.

Following this, her passion for painting continued to grow, which encouraged her to experiment with different mediums such as acrylic paint, oil pastels and ink.


Benedetta's  production includes a variety of paintings in a wide range of artistic formats, including paintings on canvas, drawings and digital illustrations of which are inspired by the Masters Henrì Matisse, Jackson Pollock and Marc Chagall.

Her paintings are characterized by expressive or vigorous use of brushwork using a mix of media including acrylics, charcoal, spray paint, oil pastels sometimes also more natural elements such as salt and sand on canvas and paper.


Benedetta Fittipaldi's painting is of clear expressionist derivation, for the speed and confidence of the brush stroke, for the movement and vitality that runs through it, but close to the Fauves for the chromatic intensity and freedom of the gesture.

She executes quickly, follows the impetus of the moment, her creative flair, listens carefully to her feelings and her mood.


The Abstract Profiles with symbolic value are one of her major productions that took place during Lockdown in London in 2021.

A period of self-reflection and quietness which allowed her creativity to flow naturally in the direction of research of herself and definition of  her identity.

The profiles, rich of meaning, reveal stories about the artist's past, subjective experiences and feelings on her life experiences, from a figurative abstract point of view.

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